Do Something with Parrots: 50 Years of loro Parque

Published on the 18.12.2022. | By: Sainey Sawaneh & Dominik Hoffmann The podcast episode combines a report about the impressions of the anniversary celebration and an interview with Christoph Kiessling about Loro Parque‘s work. » to the full episode

Parrots remember their own actions

Published on the 05.12.2022. With blue-throated macaws from the Loro Parque Foundation, researchers from the Max-Planck Institute at the Animal Embassy in Loro Parque were able to prove that parrots can remember their own actions.

The flight in Parrots

Published on the 28.05.2021. | By: Rafael Zamora Padrón People who keep parrots as pets sometimes witness that their parrot loses interest in flying – an expert from Loro Parque explains why this might occur. » to the full article

Left-wing parrots

Published on the 23.10.2018. | By: Rainer Wehaus How did it come to the ban of wild animals in Stuttgart? The author answers this question and goes over the ties of radical animal rights activists to the politics. » more