Why polar bears seem to be white

Published on the Facebook page Peppermint Narwhal Creative the 08.11.2019. A polar bear‘s fur is transparent and it’s skin is black – so why do the animals appear white to us? Find out why in the article. » more

A Virtual Visit to Bremerhaven Zoo

Published on the YouTube channel of Bremerhaven Zoo the 21.01.2021. At least virtually, a visit to the “Zoo by the Sea” in the city of Bremerhaven is now possible – the little polar bears are a special highlight. » to the video

Jogging from the perspective of animals

Exclusive for zoos.media – 25.06.2019. Author: Philipp J. Kroiß An entertaining comic explains wonderful biological principles, also of importance to modern zoos and aquariums. The article explains their significance and provides extensive background information.