Hannover Adventure Zoo plays an essential role in saving the Addax antelope. | Photo: zoos.media

Abu Dhabi celebrates continued success of world’s largest mammal reintroduction programme

Published on wam.ae the 20.05.2022.

The reintroduction programme for scimitar-horned oryxes, addaxes, and dama gazelles in Abu Dhabi is the world’s largest mammal reintroduction programme – and it is successful! Of course, zoos are part of it.

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Note: The zoo in Hannover is considered to be the world’s cradle for addax conservation since it was here that one of the mayor initial sparks to preserve these fascinating antelopes was ignited. It has turned into a large programme involving many zoos. Here are some insights:

This shows once again just how important zoological institutions are. Their commitment is irreplaceable.

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