Hausschweine (Sus scrofa domesticus) in Münster (Deutschland) | Foto: Guido Gerding, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0

Farmers Union Schleswig-Holstein: “That is a blatant lie Mr. Jaenicke!”

Published on the Facebook page of the Bauernverband Schleswig-Holstein the 31.05.2022.

The Farmers Union Schleswig-Holstein responds to statements made by actor Hannes Jaenicke in relation to the reporting in his newest ZDF documentary.

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Note: It is not the first time that the pseudo documentaries produced with Hannes Jaenicke for the ZDF are met with criticism. They continue to have a creative approach on reality and mostly serve to showcase superficial activism.

Hannes Jaenicke und sein Pseudo-Umweltschutz-Aktivismus

These three examples illustrate the lack of credibility that the TV programme is showing. The reporting on zoos and on aspects of animal husbandry and conservation is inaccurate.

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