Elephant in front of zebra herd in the Ngorongoro crater: Wildlife is disappearing more and more in Tanzania. | Photo: Schuyler S., edited by Daniel Schwen, license: CC BY-SA 2.5

All work, no pay: the plight of young conservationists

Published on theguardian.com the 17.08.2017. | By: Jeremy Hance

Every beginning is difficult – also and especially in conservation. The article looks at the difficulties young conservationists face.

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Note: This shows once again: you don’t become rich with conservation. Yet, zoos and aquariums are often accused of precisely this. It is not true, however, and the beginning especially is not easy for later zoo directors. All those who are currently in the few very high-paid positions had to forego a lot in their early years. This really ought to be remembered before getting upset about supposedly oh so high wages.

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