Tequila splitfins at the Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum | Photo: zoos.media

How aquarists help preserve endangered species

Published on geo.de the 01.10.2020.

It is undisputed that aquarists, together with zoos and aquariums, contribute to the conservation of endangered species. The article exemplifies this using the Tequila splitfin as an example.

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Note: We too, have already reported about this thrilling species in a video:

The expert from the article above works with many animals and species at the House of the Sea. Here are some insights into the House of the Sea:

Tequila splitfins belong to the Goodeidae family – highly endangered freshwater fish. They are frequently exhibited and bred in zoos and aquariums. Here are some insights from Bochum Zoo:

This shows how important and positive collaborations between zoological institutions and private keepers are. A lot can be implemented and achieved here.

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