Quoy's parrot fish with other inhabitants of the round coral tank in the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum in Düsseldorf | Photo: zoos.media

Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum Shares Coral Growth

Published on the Facebook page of the Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum in Düsseldorf the 11.01.2023.

The Aquazoo Loebbecke Museum in Düsseldorf shows the growth of its corals over the years in a stunning juxtaposition.

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Note: The tank in focus is an important ambassador for coral reefs around the world. It shows what they would ideally look like in the wild, which, unfortunately, they no longer do in many places. We’ve also featured this exhibition in one of our videos.

It is one of the many examples of why marine aquariums are so important for conservation.

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