Yellow-shanked Ruddy-capped Parrot (Pionites xanthomerius) in Loro Parque | Photo:

Photo Ark: A Photographer’s Mission to Capture 20,000 Animal Species

Published on the 27.12.2022. | By: Phil Mistry

For many years now, the photographer has been working together with different zoos and aquariums on his Photo Ark. His photographs aim to encourage and promote conservation.

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Note: The animal rights industry regularly tries to recruit media professionals by claiming that photos or videos can replace animal husbandry in zoos and aquariums. It is quite signifying that the media professionals who produce these very images at high levels do not see it that way.

Joel Sartore über gute Zoos

For the most part, it is the less successful photographers who get on board the animal rights activists’ train to nowhere. Yet their hope that catering to the animal rights industry will help their careers has never been fulfilled thus far. People like Joel Sartore, on the other hand, who publish photographs that truly aid conservation, are well-known and enjoy a great reputation.

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