Bolinopsis mikado | Photo: Σ64, License: CC BY 3.0

Zoo Vienna: Vibrant breeding success to mark the new year

Published on the YouTube channel of Zoo Vienna the 05.01.2023.

Pelagia panopyra and Bolinopsis mikado are the two species whose breeding has succeeded for the very first time in Europe at Zoo Vienna.

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Note: Zoo Vienna accommodates one of the world’s largest genetic reserves and one of the largest breeding programmes for jellyfish in its aquarium and terrarium house. Visitors can gain insights into it from the exhibition but also by taking a look behind the scenes.’s YouTube channel also features exciting insights with a focus on selected species.

In our video, you can observe the species Aurelia solida, Cassiopea xamachana, Chrysaora chesapeakei, Chrysaora hysoscella, Chrysaora plocamia, Phacellophora camtschatica, and Rhopilema verrilli. When it comes to jellyfish, it is common to use their scientific names.

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