Elephant at Auckland Zoo (2009) | Photo: 111 Emergency, license: CC BY 2.0

Auckland Zoo to rehome elephants after challenges in setting up herd

Published on rnz.co.nz the 25.11.2020.

Burma and Anjalee are leaving Auckland Zoo after it was not possible to set up a herd for them there. They will now join a new herd and breed.

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Note: One sentence in the article is particularly interesting, as it reveals a lot about the important animal welfare management of elephants.

“[Auckland Zoo director] Buley said Anjalee needed to have a baby soon to avoid long-term reproductive health troubles which elephants face if they do not breed.”

This shows just how important the breeding of elephants is, not only for conservation but also for the animals’ well being. Despite this, animal rights activists want to prohibit it. The demands for general breeding bans are neither in the animals’ interest nor are they ethically justifiable.

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