Pilot whales are among the most commonly spotted species around the Canary Islands. | Photo: zoos.media

Do Whales Fart?

Published on whalescientists.com the 20.05.2021. | By: Naomi Mathew

A question that keeps coming up and a question that scientists are still working on: do whales fart? The article reports on the current state of research.

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Note: The question may sound trivial, but a daily process like this can provide conclusions on the animals’ digestive system, which is still the subject of fundamental research. Understanding a whale’s digestive system means understanding how the animals deal with the pollution around them and their food. This is essential for the protection of whales. Therefore, a question that seems so trivial at first is actually not irrelevant at all, but rather a small part of a large complex that needs to be understood. When it comes to questions like this, animals under human care, such as in zoos and aquariums, act as a sort of control group because they are not exposed to environmental pollution as much or at all.

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