Sumatran Tiger at Osnabrueck Zoo | Photo: Basotxerri, License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Does the Big Cat Public Safety Act Protect the Public?

Published on the YouTube channel MASpets the 25.07.2021.

The video explains the actual effects of the Big Cat Public Safety Act in the US, and they are far from what the act’s supporters have always claimed.

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Note: By supporting the Big Cat Public Safety Act, the AZA, an American zoo association, has made clear that it is willing to greenwash bad husbandry in roadside zoos when they are managed according to the animal rights industry’s cruel sanctuary concept. The association’s management has also made clear that it prefers to close ranks with scandalous animal keepers such as Carole Baskin than with reputable zoos and other keepers.

Big Cat Public Safety Act: Fraud & Threat

This signal, sent out by a part of the zoological community, is fatal, and it contradicts their principles.

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