Gorillas at Loro Parque | Photo: zoos.media

EAZA: “No male gorilla has been culled nor are there any immediate or medium-term plans to do so.”

Published on eaza.net the 24.11.2021.

Malicious media reports from the UK, which were also reproduced in other countries, had claimed that there were plans or even a practice of culling gorillas in zoos as part of conservation breeding programmes.

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Note: Where did this media campaign based on lies originate? The Guardian affirmed that it had received leaked documents stating this. Since the Guardian is openly buyable, you only have to look a little to see who reacted to this and how.

We had previously reported about the connection between Goldsmith and Aspinall in another context. Now, you only need to connect but a few dots to come to the solution: Aspinall vows vengeance after its inglorious withdrawal from a cooperation with the AZA in regard to gorillas, and then suddenly the Guardian receives pseudo leaked documents on gorillas, with totally false claims about the conservation breeding programme. Only a very strong believer in coincidences would suspect one here.

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