Entrance from the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary | Photo: Shiftchange, license: CC0 1.0

Endangered Kroombit tinker frog bred in captivity for first time after 20 years of trying

Published on abc.net.au the 16.11.2020. | By: Inga Stünzner & Paul Culliver

The endangered Kroombit tinker frog could be bred under human care for the very first time, also thanks to the commitment of a zoo.

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Note: Despite its name, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has got nothing to do with the animal rights industry’s sanctuaries – as you can tell from the breeding success, which would not have been possible in the hands of animal rights activists, as they prohibit breeding in the sanctuaries they accredit. This also applies to breeding relevant for conservation. So, do not mind the name, because the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a modern zoo.

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