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Insights into the HSUS sanctuary system

Published on the Crystal Alba’s Facebook page the 06.11.2021.

The scandals around Project Chimps do not cease – in the post, one of the whistleblowers provides insight into her work and the wall of silence.

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Note: The explanation of how the HSUS is able to cover up all of the animal cruelty that is going on is quite simple. The organisation hires mainly gullible animal lovers with a passion for chimpanzees. The husbandry’s deficiencies are evident, but they are kept secret because people are afraid that they will never be able to work with the animals again, as they are mostly untrained or because the poor facility is a blemish on their CV. This might be understandable on one side, but it is also extremely selfish to put one’s own luxury desires over the basic needs of animals.

Another pillar of these cover-ups are pseudo independent self-audits: Project Chimps (PC) is accredited by the GFAS as a sanctuary. This might sound reputable, but ultimately PC and GFAS are both funded by the HSUS. When the accusations against Project Chimps grew louder, an additional independent investigation was carried out. The whistleblower describes it as follows:

“During the GFAS investigation, we were told they were sending a non-biased veterinarian to look into the medical issues. Great, a non-biased primate vet is exactly who needs to be there to review every single medical history. We were very happy to hear this. But that’s not what happened. Instead, HSUS paid $20,000 for Dr. Jocelyn Bezner to provide a “non-biased” review of their medical program. This was in addition to a per diem and travel expenses. They also had her sign an NDA and gave her a contract to work as an advisor to PC. […] However, this was simply not a non-biased investigation because she was paid to be there by the organization she was supposed to be investigating.”

The role of the celebrities who were confronted with the whistleblower’s proof is also exciting. Joaquin Phoenix, for instance, did not want reality to jeopardise his project with the chimps from Wildlife Waystation. Kat Von D, who had donated around a quarter million to PC, did not want the truth to fluster her. Neither Judy Greer nor Amber Nash dared to criticise these inconceivable conditions. It seems as though their commitment has been more about appearances than substance.

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