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John Hargrove: Animal rights activist with a dubious history

Published on humanewatch.org the 07.06.2019.

John Hargrove appears as “Whistleblower” on CBS against orca husbandry in zoos, the article points to his more than questionable past: racist remarks and violence.

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Note: The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People commented on John Hargrove and the use of the N-word.

The ““N” word […]  is cruel and denigrating and has no place in society. Mr. Hargrove’s repeated use of this derogatory and hurtful word calls into question his judgment and his credibility. It is difficult to accept his authority on animal welfare issues if he does not treat fellow humans with dignity and respect.” – NAACP, 2015

The N-word is considered racist and derogatory and serves as an insult. Its usage is solely offensive, as using it when the intention is not to insult or degrade is completely unnecessary. Based on a police report, the article further reports about a violent act against his sister. The charge was only dropped after he had completed a course on domestic violence.

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This shows that he is neither an expert on a technical level, nor any good as whistleblower. Hargrove no longer works at SeaWorld due to the infringement of safety regulations as SeaWorld explains.

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