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Krefeld Zoo: Learning to understand & preserve biodiversity

Published on’s YouTube the 11.01.2022.

How can you make biodiversity more tangible at the zoo and increase motivation to preserve it? Krefeld Zoo has some great options for that.

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Note: Modern zoological institutions are important places for out-of-school learning. In the video, zoo-pedagogue Gaby Borg explains how she works with school groups to help the children understand what biodiversity is. The participants of the FÖJ (German abbreviation for the voluntary ecological year) learn under discussion how it works and solve tasks exemplarily, which they will later help to convey to pupils. This way, both they and the video viewers can understand the meaning and purpose behind the exemplarily showcased learning experiences. Thus, understanding the term leads to an experience that makes the need of preserving biodiversity very clear. This makes an abstract and for pupils also complicated term concrete, understandable, and – not least haptically – tangible. This possibility makes Krefeld Zoo so important, also as an ESD-regional centre. After all, if you learn about biodiversity whilst surrounded by it, you will get a very good understanding of it.

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