Newly hatched chicks | Photo: Otwarte Klatki, license: CC BY 2.0

Austria: Poultry industry commits to sensible use of male chicks

Pubished on the 15.12.2021.

The report introduces the concept of a broad alliance – with the participation of zoos – on how to treat surplus male chicks in the Austrian poultry industry.

» to the full report

Note: Unlike under Julia Klöckner in Germany, where the implementation of a ban ended up being a complete failure, in Austria, zoos, bird of prey stations and similar facilities are not only taken into consideration when it comes to the prevention of useless chick culling. Furthermore, a broad alliance has been made possible, thanks to which it is possible to work on solutions together. In Germany, on the other hand, the foolish solution that the government will regulate everything and will do everything correctly has led only to problems. Once again, with its impositions, the government has mainly shown its own incompetence and has created more problems than solutions.

“Day-old chicks are an indispensable food source for our animals, including numerous endangered species”, Dr. Andreas Artmann, President of the Austrian Zoo Association (OZO), explains in the report linked above. “It is important to the Austrian Zoos that a solution was found that ensures a quality-controlled supply of day-old chicks and culling under CO2 anaesthesia, whilst preventing pointless shredding.” The report also clarifies that a complete stop of chick culling in Austria would have meant that large amounts of chicks had to be imported from other European countries. That is exactly what occurred in Germany.

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