Das Hauptquartier der radikalen Tierrechtsorganisation HSUS (2009) | Foto: AgnosticPreachersKid, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0

Lawsuit reveals backdoor channel between PETA and HSUS

Published on humanewatch.org the 22.02.2019.

The HSUS likes to distance itself from PETA in public, but connections to the HSUS CEO Kitty Block surfaced within a defamation lawsuit against PETA.

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Note: Kitty Block assumed the CEO position at the animal rights organisation HSUS, after Wayne Pacelle resigned. The HSUS is a kind of PETA in a smoking, they position and present themselves differently, more serious and willing to compromise, which they are not in reality. They want to destroy zoos as much as PETA does, they only cover it with more friendliness and subtleness, but this is easily unmasked when you look closely. Since the public only occupies itself superficially with the topic, the HSUS is quite successful and many people end up falling for it. A pointed advertisement ran during the Super Bowl however, which we have already reported on:

Super Bowl Werbung putzt die HSUS runter

Through the Humane Society International, the HSUS tries to also exercise influence here in Europe. PETA even pays the HSUS: Research reveals that PETA donated 65.000$ to the Fund for Animals, run by the HSUS.

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