Million Dollar Fine for Wind Power Company

Published on stern.de the 07.04.2022. | By: Jacqueline Haddadian

Wind park operator ESI has had to pay more than eight million dollars because it is responsible for the death of at least 150 bald eagles.

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» to the English article by the Washington Post

Note: The court ruling introduces a very good concept, creating a financial incentive for wind power companies to invest in bird-friendly technologies. In many countries, this incentive does not exist. That is a major problem.

Generating electricity through wind power is an essential and correct approach. However, as with any form of power generation, it is important that it is environmentally friendly. Most wind power plants are not fully developed in this aspect, costing the lives of many flying animals, such as birds but also insects. In addition to efficiency and storage problems, environmental compatibility is a key factor if this form of energy generation is to have a future in supplying large parts of the population.

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