Kein moderner Zoo unterstützt solche Vorgänge wie in Taiji | Foto: VanessaNYC07, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 4.0

PETA, Thomas Cook and whaling in Taiji

Exclusively for – 05.10.2018. Author: Philipp J. Kroiß

In light of the recent events surrounding Thomas Cook and certain modern zoos, a stock purchase by PETA at the beginning of the year now seems to be in a different light.

PETA, Thomas Cook and whaling in Taiji

During the last weeks it was revealed that Thomas Cook is closely associated with an aquarium that has wild catches of whales from Taiji and Russia in their care and also advertises it while it won’t advertise some reputable zoological facilities.

PETA welcomed Thomas Cook’s decision not to offer these reputable zoological facilities. This is not very surprising when you know that the animal rights organization bought stock in Thomas Cook. Now there is only one problem for PETA: they can currently be accused of benefiting from animal husbandry that is more than questionable in terms of animal welfare and animal rights.

Modern zoos and aquariums have been criticizing the practices of whaling in Taiji very clearly for several years now and are clearly distancing themselves from institutions still supporting these practices. The WAZA has made the hardest hit against Taiji’s dolphin fishing industry so far. PETA has nothing like that.

Now PETA seems to enjoy benefiting from the business with dolphins from Taiji – that shows the degree of double standards of the animal rights organization.


Thomas Cook influenced by activists seeking to destroy zoos

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