Psychedelic rock gecko (Cnemaspis psychedelica) | Photo: Prof. Thomas Ziegler

San Antonio Zoo receives national award for successfully breeding endangered psychedelic rock gecko

Published on the 28.12.2022. | By: Julie Moreno

San Antonio Zoo has received a national award for successfully breeding the psychedelic rock gecko. The species is very endangered.

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Note: Cologne Zoo is another zoo that is greatly contributing to helping the species via intensive research. The zoo achieved a breakthrough in the photographic identification of the species, thus facilitating trade. It was also a major step towards establishing international breeding projects.

Identificación fotográfica de Cnemaspis psychedelica: Un instrumento valioso para mejorar la regulación del comercio internacional de fauna silvestre

Important in situ work is also carried out in relation to the international conservation breeding.

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This shows just how important modern zoos and aquariums are to the survival of this species.

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