First successful breeding of a Vietnamese crocodile newt in Cologne Zoo | Photo: T. Ziegler

Scientists identify gaps in the protection of Vietnam’s amphibians

Published on the 05.07.2022.

The article provides insights into the scientific work carried out by Prof. Thomas Ziegler from Cologne Zoo and his team, which is the basis for nature and species conservation successes.

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Note: Science is the basis of nature and species conservation ex situ and in situ. Zoos are able to combine it all: universities, their research on animal husbandry, and projects in the wild. This can only be achieved in zoological institutions, and Cologne Zoo is an excellent example of how well this works. That is how a scientifically run zoo operates. ZIMS was also used in this work. It was found that 11% of Vietnam’s 275 amphibian species are present in zoos & aquariums across the world. Such findings are crucial to adopting a strategic approach to the preservation of Vietnam’s biodiversity.

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