Cem Özdemir at a protest in Berlin in 2022 | Photo: Leonhard Lenz, license: CC0 1.0

Strong criticism from experts: Minister wants to ban exotic pets

Published on n-tv.de the 22.01.2023.

Germany’s Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture has received strong criticism from experts after his catastrophic proposal to ban the husbandry of exotic pets.

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Note: Unfortunately, ntv’s report, once again, mistakes animal welfarists for animal rights activists. No reputable animal welfare organisation is in favour of a general ban on the husbandry of exotic pets. Animal welfare is not about delusional bans; it is about improving the lives of individual animals – general bans impede this because they also hit responsible animal keepers. These types of bans are always a demand from the animal rights side – even when they are expressed by self-proclaimed animal welfarists. It is important to distinguish the two.

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