Siberian tiger at Wuppertal Green Zoo | Photo:

The Meeting: Zoo Director Meets Animal Rights Activist

Published on the YouTube channel of Leeroy Matata the 11.08.2022.

In the video, nutritionist and animal rights activist Marc Korhammer meets veterinarian and zoo director Dr. Arne Lorenz.

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Note: Unfortunately, public broadcasters still do not understand the difference between animal welfarists and animal rights activists – even when it is counter-intuitive by design. As a veterinarian and zoo director Dr. Arne Lawrenz is an active animal welfarist. There is no dichotomy here. The dichotomy arises from his counterpart being an animal rights activist.

Understanding the Difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare

The video’s host, Leeroy, ought to know this. However, it seems to be a common issue among public broadcasters that they do not distinguish clearly despite the obvious difference. Animal welfarists do not want to abolish animal husbandry; they want to use it for improvement. Animal rights activists, on the other hand, want to abolish all forms of animal husbandry – from the Siberian tiger to the common house cat.

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