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Zoo Vienna: South American sea lion offspring 2022

Published on Zoo Vienna’s YouTube channel the 11.08.2022.

At Zoo Vienna, also called Schönbrunn Zoo, the South American sea lions have again had offspring under the conservation breeding programme for this special species.

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Note: For many years now, Zoo Vienna has been breeding South American sea lions with much success. Last year, we were able to meet that year’s offspring Artos.

The previous year, we were able to present the husbandry and how the young animals enjoyed life in the family group.

Meanwhile, there are also educational presentations with these special sea lions which have picked back up after a pause due to the pandemic and, therefore, could not become part of the videos. Presentations with sea lions in zoos and aquariums have drastically improved the reputation of the species: once considered pests, they have now found their place in the hearts of many people.

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