Researchers in favour of dolphin husbandry

Published on the 19.08.2021. | By: Susanne Gugeler The clear majority of renowned and relevant researchers, in this matter, speaks up clearly in favour of keeping dolphins and other cetaceans in zoos and aquariums. » to the full article

Dolphinariums: New Mirror Tests with Dolphins

Published on the 02.10.2022. | By: Susanne Gugeler Thanks to dolphin husbandry in modern and professionally run dolphinariums, new tests have been carried out to investigate bottlenose dolphin interactions with mirrors. » to the full article

Expert: Dolphins in captivity are not under stress

Published on the 29.09.2021. | By: Laura Nancy López de Rivera Hinojosa Marine mammal expert Roberto Sánchez informs about dolphin husbandry in zoos and aquariums on the basis of the largest study on the well-being of dolphins ever to be conducted.

Dolphin Communication with Dr. Jason Bruck!

Published on Dolphin Quest’s YouTube channel the 22.07.2021. How do dolphins communicate? Scientists are able to research this thanks to modern dolphin husbandry in zoos and aquariums. In the video, Dr. Jason Bruck provides exciting insights into his work. »  to the full video