Beneath The Waves of SeaWorld’s Evolving Orca Shows

Published on the YouTube channel SeaWorld Parks Rock the 18.08.2021. The documentary follows the development of SeaWorld‘s orca shows critically, asking questions, evaluating the results, and informing competently. » to the full mini documentary

SeaWorld Awards Executives Amid Park Closures

Published on the 14.04.2020. | By: Kai Honua 90% of SeaWorld‘s employees have been on leave without pay or healthcare services since the beginning of April, yet executives are being paid millions of dollars in bonuses. » to the full article

SeaWorld: An Open Letter to Scott Ross

Published on the Facebook account “Stand With SeaWorld” the 07.04.2020. In clear words and based on facts, this open letter argues for the removal of Scott Ross from the Board of Directors of SeaWorld Entertainment. » more