Robby in liebevoller Interaktion mit seinem Ziehvater | Foto: Dr. Alexandra Dörnath

After a long life: Rest in peace Robby!

Published on the 15.11.2022. | By: Silvio Harnos

At an old age, the exceptional chimpanzee Robby closed his eyes for the last time. The article discusses Robby’s death as well as the reactions to it.

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Note: The German newspaper taz has again stolen the show with a major flop by letting Robby’s pseudo biographer write an incorrect and tasteless article. To what extend you can call someone a biographer, who so rarely experienced the creature to be biographed, is a mystery and will likely remain a secret of the taz. The paper has often been conspicuous for its dubious reporting on the case.

taz-Werbung stolpert über Doktorarbeit

For years, the newspaper has been spreading lies about the chimpanzee and granting pseudo experts a forum on the issue whilst shunning the real experts. It will be interesting to see whether the taz continues to deceive its readers by presenting someone as a biographer who simply did not know the animal or whether it will just drop the topic. Granting fake news a forum of such extent certainly does not help the paper’s reputation.

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