Elephant Gate at Berlin Zoo | Photo: Danny Steaven, license: CC BY-SA 3.0

Berlin: Zoo looses millions throughout lockdown – 12 employees dismissed

Published on bz-berlin.de the 12.03.2021. | By: Katja Colmenares

The loss of millions of euros due to lockdown has already had its first personnel consequences, although the zoo is of course trying to curb the social impact as much as possible.

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Note: It is therefore all the more important to stop treating zoos and aquariums, which do not contribute to the spread of infection, wrongly. An autonomous reopening is completely justifiable. Zoological institutions embody decades of experience on how to organise themselves safely for humans and animals.

Zoos and aquariums are so important, also for the future, that bringing them to the edge of their economic capacity now is much more costly than treating them with scientifically backed moderation in the long run. It helps no one if they fall by the wayside.

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