Eroni's Circus | Foto: Victor Dam, Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0

Hostility against a circus because of pet training

Published on the Facebook page BCR Watch the 31.03.2019.

Radical animal rights activists showed extreme hostility against a circus, because of pet training, the training of goats in this case. Whoever thought it was only about the training of wild animals, was mistaken.

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Note: The post points out where the limit of pet training thus lies. If a circus is the victim of strong hostility, anyone showing the training of pets in public – regardless of the particular artistic quality – must be afraid to be a victim of it. There is no significant difference between a training presentation under the big top, in a TV format or elsewhere, when there are people watching. However, dogs and other pets must be trained in a public space, in order to safely partake in traffic.

At this point, the transitions are smooth, and precisely that is what people should realise, so that animal rights activists can reach their stated target – the end of any form of animal husbandry. The question remaining, is whether or not the public plays along and tolerates the fact, that soon all animal husbandry will be prohibited. For it not to even reach pets, we must speak up already when it concerns wild animals, as that is where it begins. Looking at whether a wild animal resembles more a wild animal or a pet, we will establish that the transition is very smooth here as well.

If the goal, to prohibit all animal-friendly husbandry of a species, is reached, nothing stands in the way of doing the same with other species. Animal husbandry will be doomed if the public is not alert and takes timely countermeasures. Without professional husbandry, species and populations, that presently have a chance of survival, because of institutions like zoos and aquariums, will die out. And it shouldn’t be left out at this point, that circuses, private keepers and others, can be or are active conservationists, significantly contributing to the protection of animals, their species and/or their habitats.

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