The headquarters of the radical animal rights organisation HSUS (2009) | Photo: AgnosticPreachersKid, License: CC BY-SA 3.0

Humane Society Gets a “D” Grade

Published on the 17.07.2019.

The animal rights organisation HSUS gets a bad grade for how it handles donations. The article reminds of past misdeeds.

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Note: In the US, the HSUS is one of the most powerful agents of the animal rights industry, oriented against zoos and aquariums. Its goal is not only to spread lies about the zoological community, but also to grow roots in it through lies. The AZA is particularly open here and is making momentous mistakes as a result.

AZA & HSUS: Schräge Bettgesellen

This is currently being driven by one person in particular.

AZA-CEO Dan Ashe und die HSUS

And yet it has long been clear, that the HSUS and PETA are closely linked!

Klage offenbart Verbindung zwischen PETA und HSUS

It should be viewed critically, when the AZA cooperates with such traceably dubious and poor organisations.

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