Tiger baby at Big Cat Rescue (Tampa, Florida): It will never be allowed to have offspring. | Photo: Tony Webster, License: CC BY 2.0

Is Big Cat Rescue a prison?

Published on the Facebook page of BCR Watch the 07.07.2019.

The “sanctuary” Big Cat Rescue promulgates hatred against zoos, because they keep animals in cages, whilst keeping its own animals in cages – only significantly more poorly than certified and accredited zoological facilities.

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Note: Naturally animal husbandry in zoos has nothing to do with a prison or imprisonment and yet, Big Cat Rescue declares: “Big Cat Rescue will use its enormous supporter base and internationally known name to expose zoos for the prisons they are.”According to their own definition, they would also count as a prison. The facility however, belongs to the bad facilities, so-called roadside zoos, which belong to the worst facilities in the States.

It is interesting that the animal rights industry cooperates with such facilities, to stir up against reputable institutions, instead of making the bad husbandry a subject of discussion.


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This shows that animal rights activists are not concerned for the wellbeing of animals.

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