Cat Ba tiger gecko in Prof. Ziegler's office terrarium at Cologne Zoo | Photo: Thomas Ziegler

Prof. Thomas Ziegler and the Cat Ba Tiger Gecko

Published on the Facebook page of Citizen Conservation the 01.05.2020.

In the video Prof. Thomas Ziegler from Cologne Zoo, discoverer of the species, introduces the Cat Ba tiger gecko and announces a wonderful success regarding the conservation of this species.

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Note: On we also have more information about the projects, that are also addressed in the video. For example these two articles:

Köln & Hanoi: Starke Partnerschaft für Artenschutz & Forschung

Kölner Zoo: Sieg gegen den Wildtierschmuggel

Once again we can see the importance of zoos, but also of the cooperation with other animal keepers and conservationists, when it comes to saving species from extinction and obtaining a better understanding of nature.

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