Is Big Cat Rescue a prison?

Published on the Facebook page of BCR Watch the 07.07.2019. The “sanctuary” Big Cat Rescue promulgates hatred against zoos, because they keep animals in cages, whilst keeping its own animals in cages – only significantly more poorly than certified and accredited zoological facilities.

A leopard accident and PETA’s hypocrisy

Published on the 26.08.2021. | By: Silvio Harnos An accident with a leopard occurred at an animal sanctuary – PETA reacted promptly. When something like this happens at Big Cat Rescue, for instance, they do not. But why? » to the full article

Kamala Harris and the HSUS

Exklusively for – 24th of March in 2021. Autor: Philipp J. Kroiss This article takes a close look at the connection between Kamala Harris, who became vice president of the United States, and the HSUS, a radical animal rights organization.

The Makings of a Roadside Zoo

Published on The article addresses Big Cat Rescue (BCR), which started of as a bad zoo – a so called roadside zoo – and is now cooperating with animal rights activists against reputable zoos. » more