Big Cat Rescue: Bullying & Weight Shaming

Exklusively for – 9th of August in 2023. Author: Philipp J. Kroiss The animal rights industry once again shows its ugly face. Felicia Frisco demasks the animal rights activist’s tacktics by showing how they try to bully her and use weight shaming in their campaign.

Is Big Cat Rescue a prison?

Published on the Facebook page of BCR Watch the 07.07.2019. The “sanctuary” Big Cat Rescue promulgates hatred against zoos, because they keep animals in cages, whilst keeping its own animals in cages – only significantly more poorly than certified and accredited zoological facilities.

AZA, Carole Baskin & Joe Biden

Published on Felicia Friscia’s Facebook page the 29.07.2022. An American zoo association (AZA) has formed a shady alliance with scandalous tiger keeper Carole Baskin and President Joe Biden, going against education and tiger conservation to secure dubious exclusive rights.

A leopard accident and PETA’s hypocrisy

Published on the 26.08.2021. | By: Silvio Harnos An accident with a leopard occurred at an animal sanctuary – PETA reacted promptly. When something like this happens at Big Cat Rescue, for instance, they do not. But why? » to the full article