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How do detractors of the concept of animal rights justify the idea that animals should not be given rights?

The opponents of animal rights declare that animals can not participate in the legal system because they are not able to make moral decisions and to respect the rights of others. In addition, detractors see the danger of calling into question the universal human rights.

Since animal rights activists don’t aim to give all animals same rights, for example for small animals such as mice, there will be a different catalogue of rights than it will become a matter of negotiation for whom these fundamental rights, such as the right to life, should apply and for whom not.

The importance of human rights lies in the fact that they are invariably applicable to all people, regardless of the skin color, religion, whether they are able to suffer or have a limited awareness. Those who are considered to be worth living in the future would decide certain criteria and no longer the fact that they are a human being. Animal rights critics therefore warn against a new euthanasia debate.

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