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PETA’s California Circus Bill is a Trojan Horse

Published on the 07.03.2019.

PETA is pushing California lawmakers to promote a bill that is a Trojan horse for animal keepers.

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Note: The bill only refers to circuses by name, but this is a mean deception to hide the fact, that it would affect all animal keepers who are not accredited by the AZA or the GFAS. The GFAS is part of the animal rights industry – especially of the HSUS – and the CEO of the zoo association AZA is currently playing a dirty game together with the animal rights industry. We have previously reported on this.

AZA: Dan Ashe und die “Politik der Addition”

That Asche is cooperating with the animal rights industry once more, is at best, a sign of naivety. He has for long been untenable for the zoological community, as this one is not made up exclusively of AZA members in the states. The AZA has also had a dubious course before Asche, the animal rights activists repeatedly came across officials who granted them influence. As a large zoo there are alternatives to a membership with the AZA, as Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium shows, in 2015 the zoo justifiably parted from the association. Other zoos and aquariums in the USA would do well to follow this example. When HSUS sympathiser Asche attacked the zoo, counting to the best zoos worldwide, he got a memorable answer.

Other than it is the case with the AZA, the husbandry accredited by the GFAS, belongs to the worst worldwide. Why? They are proud to permanently deny animals their fundamental need to reproduce – due to ideological reasons, because a “true sanctuary” doesn’t breed. This is animal cruelty and completely opposes the fundamental concept of modern zoos and aquariums. That Asche affiliates with such bad keepers, makes his demand, to proceed against bad zoos and thus against bad husbandry, totally ridiculous.

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